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Raising funds:

  1. $40 per family is to be added to the registration fee for each reunion. 

  2. The descendants of Pathenia Kirk Cole are eligible for the scholarship.  

       Her descendants are from the following families:

  • Luke & Lois Cole 

  • Johnny & Susie Cole 

  • Sam & Mariah Cole 

  • Matilda Cole & Percy Hampton 

  • Enoch & Annie & Katie Cole 

  • Hattie Cole & James Lee 

  • Kirk & Alice Cole 

  • Adeline & William Suggs 

  • James (Jim) & Lizzy Cole

Monies may be raised via fundraisers by the Host City. Monies may be collected at the Reunion. 

Allocating Funds: 

  • (1) To High School graduates who graduate during the reunion year or between reunions, (2) College/Higher Education Students, and (3) Students in college/Higher education with emergency financial need.

  • First priority will be given to high school students through college sophomores. They can receive no less than 60% of the funds. 

  • Second priority will be given to juniors through graduate school students, in college or institutions of higher learning. They can receive no more than 40% of the funds. 

  • Third priority will be given to students in higher institutions of learning, in need of emergency assistance. 

  • Any family member may apply. 

  • Recipient must have attended a reunion within the last three reunions. 

  • Applicants must have proof of attendance or acceptance into an educational institution of higher learning. 

  • Money will be given directly to the student or mailed to provide address. 

  • Awards will be given only to those who: (1) apply by TBA, (2) submit a complete application, (3) submit transcript and/or letter of acceptance to college, (4) submit two recommendations from family members (5) submit a Thank You letter to family after selection to become a recipient. 




Congrats Winner!

Congratulations to the 2018 Cole Family Scholarship winner:

Shania Rice

Support the Family
Goal: $3000

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